NOTE: This was the last of three races held on dirt at the Speedbowl. Because of the amount of dust the Speedbowl was paved for the next race. Though some records show Bill Thompson as the winner on 4/29/51, the winner was in fact Hall of Famer Don Rounds. The confusion came from two cars being numbered 101.

Don Rounds Victor At New London Speedbowl

April 29, 1951

NEW LONDON, Conn., April 29th. – Don Rounds of Rhode Island today took the Main Event here at “speedy” New London Speedbowl. On a nice warm Sunday afternoon for racing, 3500 race fans came to see the boys of the United Stock Car Racing Club put on the third Stock Car Race’s here at the Speedbowl.

At the drop of  Paul Starders green flag Gene White of Manchester, Conn., went into the lead. After a lap his hood opened and White had to stop to close it. B. Wells then took the lead with “Moon” Burgess of Meriden, Conn., second. Burgess and Johnny Fina pass Wells and after two laps Burgess drops out because of motor trouble, Finta now in the lead. This is when Rounds started to move up. On the 23rd lap he finally passed Fina and finished a car length ahead of him.

The 101 of Don Rounds leads the X of Stan Woods and
the Joe Ross #14 in route to a victory on the Speedbowl
dirt on 4/29/51. (Don Rounds Collection)

A nice piece of driving by Rounds. Stan Wood, last week’s winner, had to make the Main the hard way. Through the Consi and starting in the rear of the field, Wood finished a strong fourth.

1st heat (10 laps) – Burgess, Webster, Finta. Time: 3:24.01
1st semi-final (12 laps) – Burgess, Finta, Trembly. Time 4:14.28
2nd semi-final (12 laps) – Swift, Belmont, Rounds. No Time
Consolation (12 laps) – Maggiacomo, Wood, LeDuke. Time 4:29.91
Main event (25 laps) – Rounds, Finta, Swift, Wood. Time: 8:47.48